Elizabeth Artrip, MD

I moved to Tucson from West Hartford, Connecticut, but I still consider "home" the beaches of southern Virginia and the Outer Banks so the desert has been quite a transition! I've adjusted pretty readily-- it's hard not to be happy when I can see gorgeous mountains in any direction and can string up my hammock under palm and orange trees! I love the earthy vibe of Tucson, and the local pride. I'm a home grown sort of gal so St. Philip's organic market, local artist expos, and all the bike lanes are delightful. I wind down by coming home to a little gardening and a lot of cooking! I'm also amazed at how easy it is to stay active even with a resident's schedule because of the bike lanes and yoga studios, and with the great weather every day I can do fun outdoor things like handstands and palm tree climbing in the park! When I get a little more time off I plan on taking some day trips to the mountain-top observatory for a skywatch, the desert museum, or the biopark, and of course flying back East to visit my family. I am thrilled with my position here at the Family Medicine Residency. They offered everything I needed in a program including strong pediatrics, diverse patient population, academic rigor, and of course Integrative Medicine! My advice to all those searching for the perfect residency is to remember that you are looking for both a strong and supportive learning environment and a place in which you can continue to grow as a person. Residency does not have to be a time of stagnation and burden! I'm enjoying the warmth of both the Tucson sun and it's relaxed and fun-loving people, and learning more than I ever thought possible along the way.