Don "Donnie" Fisher

Career Story: 

Currently: private practice of toxicology and occupational diseases. Patient care,

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Hardest job: girl's softball umpire. Most family fun: African trips. Most personal fun: ski mountaineering.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

MS in Toxicology, U of A; boards in FP, Occ. Med. and Toxicology. Global Medical Director for Intel Corp. Fellow Am. Coll. of Occ. and Env. Medicine.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 


Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Diversity and talents of fellow residents. Local honey (from bees during toxicology training) and local honey (met Nancy).

Personal Story: 

Married to Nancy Beck 25 yrs. One daughter, Molly age 16.