David Byron, MD

Career Story: 

I originally hail from Boise, Idaho, but Idid undergrad at Stanford, California and Medical School at the Columbia -Ben GurionMedical School for International Health in Beer Sheva, Israel. In addition tobeing excited aboutone daypracticing broad-spectrum family practice in Small-town, U.S.A.,my interests include global health andinternational medicine. I have been involved in medical projects to Papua New Guinea, North Vietnam, India, as wellas the Negev Region of Israel, and hope to do more. My wife and I ultimately hope to one day practice in a smalltown in the U.S.,with a regular involvementinan underserved community overseas. I was most drawn to UA Family Medicine Program because of the strongcommunity among residents here, the location,and the perfect balance betweenanexcellent training-ground and agreat educational environment. Since graduation from the program, I have taken a hospitalist position here in Tucson, AZ.

Personal Story: 

Right now I'mhappy withan occasional8 hours of sleep and with still having the energy to chase my 2-year-old girl Lily around the house when I come home.