Barbara Hartley

Career Story: 

I started a solo practice in Benson right out of residency. I have what is currently called a "micropractice," i.e. there's just me, my RN, and the beagle of the day. The beagles take turns being receptionist. My practice consists of numerous extended families, most of my patients have been with me > 5 years. I try really hard to practice Norman Rockwell medicine. Also am one of 3 hospitalists at local 22 bed rural hospital. For a year and a half was ONLY hospitalist. Not fun

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Lived to age 60

Favorite Recreational Activity: 


Favorite Memory from Residency: 

Hanging out at Nancy Maloney's house

Personal Story: 

Married 37 years to Hartley, the unemployed hippie musician. One son, the Kid, age 29, perpetual student, currently working on second bachelor's at U of A (physical anthro this time)