Ashley Wofford-Leong, MD

I grew up in NC, and ventured to the west coast for my college career as a USC Trojan, where I studied neuroscience and gerontology (as well as football, Hollywood, and the beach). I returned to NC to pursue degrees in medicine and public health at UNC Chapel Hill. The best part of this chapter of life was meeting my husband, Joe. I am interested in geriatrics and planning for care at the end of life, but I ultimately chose family medicine because I wanted the richness of caring for families through the full course of life. I also really enjoy the variety of work procedures, management of chronic disease, urgent care, sports med, intensive care, and patient advocacy. I also feel that family medicine, as a whole, is pushing the boundaries of "traditional" medicine, and the U of A FM program is excellent at teaching integrative modalities, and the diversity of the population fosters the use of these tools. The ultimate reason I chose U of A was for the feeling of belonging I felt during my interview, and because the residents I met were genuinely enjoying their work and lives in Tucson. In my free time, you can usually find me with people. I am involved in my church, try to hang out with my co-interns whenever we can (they're awesome), and I love spending time with my husband and watching NCAA football & basketball. Hiking is one of our newly adopted outdoor hobbies, and we are really enjoying getting to know Tucson. I am happy to now be back in the PAC-10, and will be pulling for the Wildcats (unless they're playing USC, of course!). I'm also taking full advantage of enjoying the summer monsoon season, and savoring every sunrise and sunset! Feel free to contact me about any aspect of life as a resident here.