Amy Rose Rogers, MD

Where are you from?     
Williamsburg, VA
Why did you choose UA Family Medicine?    
I fell in love with the University of Arizona because of the incredible faculty and residents I met on my interview, the program's focused on the underserved especially Spanish speaking and refugee populations, the global health curriculum, opportunities to work with the mobile health clinic, the medical-legal services program within our own clinic, the program's leadership in integrative medicine and of course the year round sunshine in Tucson!
What is your favorite thing about living in Tucson?    
Everything! There’s no shortage of things to do outside whether its great hiking through the canyon 15 minutes from my house, mountain biking, perching up on a ridge for a sunset over the mountains or exploring any of the national parks surrounding Tucson. Never ending opportunities for great salsa and tacos!
A day trip to Sedona, Mexico or wine country. Two stepping and salsa dancing on the weekends! And the great people I work with!
What are your interests or hobbies outside of medicine?    
Hiking through the beautiful mountains surrounding Tucson, running, swimming, an occasional Muay Thai class, cooking, reading, counting down the minutes until the next GOT season and hanging out with my boyfriend and the amazing friends we’ve met so far in Tucson.
What are your professional interests within Medicine?     
Underserved populations, global health, advocacy, ultrasound, women's health and public health
"Bucket list" item?    
Camping trip in the Grand Canyon with an extended pit stop at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

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