Allison Clough

Career Story: 

I have traveled the long road from idealism to cynicism. I refused to adapt to the Clinton reforms, suffered serious embezzlement, and wound up bankrupt ten years after completing residency. I then worked in rural emergency rooms to pay off our debts, burned out, and took the time to get a Masters degree in Anthropology. Medical anthropology is the most intellectually rewarding field I have studied, though in the current educational climate in Arizona, there are few jobs available. I believe in family medicine, but the current health care environment is toxic.I didn't take the recertification boards last summer: our home is on the edge of the forest that was devastated by the Schultz Fire. On July 20, the first of more than a dozen flash floods swept away our yard and one of our cars, depositing over 2 feet of gravel on the uphill side of the house. We now have concrete highway barriers around our house, which have held against some doozies. We have learned a lot about water and debris flows. We now have a rather nice patio area on the uphill side of the house, on the deposited gravel. I learned to operate small tractors and bobcats and have moved the debris around, sculpting a landscape that is friendly to the flooding that will be part of our lives for the next decade. I am currently developing a program for ranchers and others who live far from medical care. Using a combination of self-instructional work books and hands-on seminars, "Self Health" teaches the basics of health maintenance, when to seek medical care, how to manage illness and injury and how to arrange evacuation.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Hiking the Grand Canyon with my daughter Brooke. Painting our beautiful forest. Rebuilding our property to function safely with the huge floods coming off the mountains.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

"Women on the Move Award" for work with Clinic for Underserved Population (CUP) Refugee Clinic.Flying to Ecuador to receive 8 pipeline workers released after 100 days in the jungle.Masters degree in Anthropology.

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

Cross country skiing.

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

How wonderful and supportive everyone was during my pregnancy our graduation picnic, with me terrifyingly pregnant with term twins! I miss my classmates very much.

Personal Story: 

Still married to flight nurse, Dan Weber! What an amazing ride that has been! We have twin girls in college, one at NAU and one at Portland State. Neither wants to go into health care.