Ali Afshar, MD

Interests in family medicine: Integrative and Preventative Medicine in the setting of the underserved and rural communities

Why Family Medicine? To me, family medicine is the practice of medicine that encompasses all the aspects of life that makes us human. From human behavior to our interaction with with each other and society as a whole. I find that practicing family medicine provides an exciting broad base of challenging experiences with each and every patient I serve. I'm also dedicated to serving underserved communities and providing quality health care to diverse populations. Lastly, it is the continuity aspect of family medicine that i enjoy the most. Being able to follow patients over a long period of time while establishing a strong patient/physician relationship is really important to me.

Why U of A/UPHK? It was very important for me to be part of a program that understood the necessity of learning through group oriented thinking. A University setting that promoted academic debate and discussion, nurturing the growth of physicians as life long learners through residency. The University of Arizona does exactly that and more. I have found my mentors here to be both thought provoking, challenging, and extremely supportive in my growth as a physician.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine