Radu Moga, MD

MD: University of Arizona College of Medicine
Academic / Professional Bio: 

Where are you from? 
I’m from Phoenix, AZ originally, but I have lived in Tucson the last 4 years.
Why did you choose UA Family Medicine?   
UA Family Medicine is a place that values rural communities and the underserved. I knew that by coming here I would be surrounded by residents and faculty that inspire me.
What are you most excited about for life in Tucson?    
I love Tucson’s vibrant community – the people, the food, the views, the murals, and the many things to explore.
What are your interests or hobbies outside of medicine?    
Watching movies, cooking, and hanging out with my dog, George.
What are your professional interests within medicine?
I am interested in full-spectrum family medicine and rural health.
Favorite way to spend a day off?    
My ideal day off consists of a breakfast burrito, a “shaded and brief” hike, and happy hour with my wife and friends.
Top item on your "Bucket list"? 
To visit Peru and try as many of their 3,800 native potato types as I can.