Jared Blackwell, MD

MD: University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson
Academic / Professional Bio: 

Where are you from? 
I was born in Phoenix, AZ, however, during middle and high school I lived in Virginia and New York.
Why did you choose UA Family Medicine?   
I absolutely loved my time here as a medical student and it has been my experience that everyone genuinely supports each other. I also knew I would receive excellent training and ample opportunities to excel in my professional interests.
What are you most excited about for life in Tucson?   
The people, the community, and the amazing food.
What are your interests or hobbies outside of Medicine?   
I have played basketball my entire life and continue to do so, I also weight-lift.
What are your professional interests within Medicine?   
Focusing on preventative medicine and how to optimize all aspects of health including mental, social, and physical well-being.  
Favorite way to spend a day off?   
On my days off you can find me in the gym lifting weights and/or playing basketball, taking my dog on long hikes, and searching for new TV shows to binge watch.
Top item on your "Bucket list"?
Currently, I want to learn how to play the piano.