Chloe Eileen Kidd, MD

MD: Albany Medical College
Academic / Professional Bio: 

Where are you from?     
Ventura, CA
Why did you choose UA Family Medicine?    
I chose UA because it felt like the perfect blend of academic and community medicine while providing full-spectrum training and experiences caring for rural and underserved patient populations.
What are you most excited about for life in Tucson?    
After four years in upstate NY, I couldn’t resist Tucson’s 350+ days of sunshine!
What are your interests or hobbies outside of medicine?    
I’m a big foodie! I love cooking meals at home, but also keep a running list of restaurants/eateries around town to try!
What are your professional interests within medicine?     
My goals are to practice full-spectrum family medicine and my specific interest areas include reproductive health, addiction medicine, and LGBTQ+ care.
Favorite way to spend a day off?    
I love to start with a lazy morning with some homemade waffles and coffee. Then perhaps some chilling poolside, a quick workout with my husband, and then an evening plopped on the couch watching whatever newest Marvel, Star Wars, or TV show has our attention (perhaps even my guilty pleasure – The Kardashians)!
Top item on your "Bucket list"? 
Get scuba certified and dive the Great Barrier Reef (before it bleaches completely!).