FCM's Camp Wellness and Workforce Development Program Participate in 2nd Annual Tucson Palooza

The second annual Tucson Palooza event took place on May 19, during National Mental Health Awareness Month. The theme at this year’s Tucson Palooza asked what mental health means for everyone. Camp Wellness and Workforce Development Program both participated in this community outreach event. Camp Wellness was the lead organizer of the event. Mayor Jonathan Rothschild kicked off the family-friendly, high-energy, grassroots event, followed by live music, mental health resources, and fun activities. Performers and exhibitors expressed hope that Tucson Palooza becomes a Tucson staple, while attendees spoke about the sense of friendliness, compassion, and community: “I witnessed a close-knit community – one where everyone is supportive of each other’s needs,” and “Community standing together to help each other.” Many thanks to the hard work of Camp Wellness director, Cheryl Glass, and her team: Pamela Wagner, Michele Keller, “D” Dwight, Andy Bernstein, PhD, Michael Harvey, Paige Maier-Buñas,  Kathy Love and Carter Todd. Julie Croteau and Carter Todd represented Camp Wellness at the Yuma and Casa Grande Paloozas as well. The Workforce Development Program also participated and had a wonderful time at the event. Because physical health contributes so heavily to mental health, WDP empowered community members who visited their table to demonstrate a self-defined “Amazing Feat of Strength.” For example, some people used a balance ball to do push-ups or sit-ups. We’re grateful for the WDP team, who did an awesome job running the WDP resource table, including: WDP program director, Beverly McGuffin, Rita Romero, David Delawder, Stephanie Tellez, Karis Reeves, William Tritz, Perla Reis and Jonpaul Barrabee. View photos

Release Date: 
05/31/2018 - 4:15pm