Pete has been coming to ArtWorks since 2009. He illustrates his life through  his daily drawings using colored pencils on white paper. He has drawn many things; places  like Whataburger, people from the old west,  and birds, animals, and landscapes. He also enjoys ceramics. Pete will find an image and draw it, then recreate it using clay. At this point he has a menagerie of clay figures! Not all of his drawings are from sources - a lot are from memory (like the drawing of Whataburger). He also labels each and every one carefully in illustrated block letters. Pete knows what he wants to accomplish and he goes for it. His work is best described as a reflection of his world, what he sees and thinks about. Not only is Pete a great artist, he is also a wonderful person. His sense of humor and easygoing personality make Pete’s presence at ArtWorks a definite bonus.