George Schatz, MD


I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a Steel City kid through and through. My two loves were Soccer and well, Soccer. My Senior year of Highschool I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and the Gluten free Life that ensued led me to be so passionate about all things Nutrition, which slowly morphed over the years into a passion for Integrative Medicine. I chose to go to Undergrad at a tiny little Liberal Arts college in the Middle of Nowhere, Ohio called Hiram College (and NOT Pitt like literally every single one of my family members for 3 generations...on both sides.) There I met my Wife Ashley, and developed a love for wide open spaces, roads with no traffic, and people who are friendly enough to not give you a weird look if you simply say, "Hi!" From Hiram, I moved to Long Island for Med School at Stony Brook University. If you know anything about Long Island you know it's pretty much the antithesis of wide open spaces, roads with no traffic, and friendly people. So looking for residencies, I was especially drawn to Tucson as it fit perfectly my interests in Nutrition and Integrative medicine, as well as the friendly laid back lifestyle that we so were longing for. One trip to Tucson on a fateful 70 degree December day and that was it, we've never looked back. I'm always down for a conversation about food, how grains are pretty much the devil, the best family fun spots in Tucson (Luke will be 2 in June!), the best Crossfit gyms in Tucson, and the best running/biking trails in the area.

  • MD: Stony Brook University