Guidelines for IHRSS Referral Submission

These requirements must be completed before person is accepted into the Institute

  1. Application with the following:
    • 2 letters of recommendation
    • Essay on “Why I want to be an RSS”
    • Demographic
  2. Release of Information (ROI) for the University of Arizona, Workforce Development Program signed and dated by the member.
  3. Most Current Assessment (last 12 months), signed and dated by BHP. With Diagnosis (Please use ICD-10 coding)
  4. Service Plan with the following:

Need - Employment
Objective - Learn to cope with stressors of my diagnosis, along with social, communication and workplace skills necessary to gain and maintain employment
Service - Attend University of Arizona (UA), Workforce Development Program (WDP) Institute for Rehabilitation Services (Skills Training & Development H2014 & H2014-HQ) and Support Services (Peer Support H0038 & H0038-HQ)
Frequency - 1-3 times a week or 1-12 times a month. This includes the Institute and WRAP training
Signed by BHP and member

For an ART meeting please call Veronica Lopez 520-621-1642 to schedule.

Once completed, please scan and submit to
Please use [secure] mail. Call 520-621-1642 with any questions.