Evan Kligman

Career Story: 

After residency, did faculty development fellowship in 83-84 along with preventive medicine practicum year. Thereafter, hired as clinical assistant professor in Dept of FCM as Director of Geriatrics. In 1992, became clinical services chief and Head of Section of Family Medicine. Later that year, I obtained tenure as an associate professor. In late 1992, I was appointed Head (Chairman) of Dept of FCM.I did a US Primary Care Policy Fellowship through the Public Health Service in the summer of 1993.At the end of 1995, I left Arizona to become Professor and Head of the Dept of Family Medicine at the University of Iowa. I returned to Tucson in July of 1998 and worked part-time at Canyon Ranch to develop their Optimal Aging Program and worked part-time in private practice. By 1999, I became an attending physician for the University of Arizona's Program in Integrative Medicine and was appointed co-director of the University of Arizona Center on Aging, with a clinical professor appointment in the new College of Public Health. In 2001, I enrolled in the part-time Tucson Interfaith Theological Seminary and in 2003, I was ordained as an Interfaith Contemplative Minister and received a Master's in Divinity. In 2003, I began working half time with Casa de La Luz Hospice as medical director of their inpatient unit and continue with this half-time position to date. I also continue with a part-time private practice in integrative family medicine and geriatrics, and established Southwest Integrative Healthcare in Tucson in 2009 where a team of practitioners from various complementary disciplines work together.I also established Clinica Amistad, a free clinic in South Tucson in 2003.

Notable Personal Accomplishments: 

Notable personal accomplishments include: becoming ordained as an Interfaith Contemplative Minister that led to a redirection of my professional work into hospice and free clinic care and infrequently officiating at weddings, staying healthy enough to continue to serve my community and various community organizations over the years, helping establish a Zen sangha in Tucson last year, and continuation of 30 years of meditation practice.

Notable Professional Accomplishments: 

Professional accomplishments include: having had the opportunity to chair two depts of family medicine, establishing a free clinic in Tucson, developing a model of integrative health care with different complementary specialties/specialists, designing and directing the AgeWell Longevity Program as a subscription program for my patients now in its 4th year

Favorite Recreational Activity: 

My favorite recreational activities include swimming (about 4-5 times a week) and taking vacations in Flagstaff with our dogs where we enjoy hiking.

Favorite Memory from Residency: 

A favorite residency memory was the graduation skit in our senior year, at Westward Look.

Personal Story: 

I live with my wife Louise. We have been married for over 30 years; we were married before I graduated from medical school. We have two Labrador retrievers: Skylar and Niah, both around 8 years of age. Our daughter Tara is now 27 years old. She lives in Tucson in the downtown area, and is an integrative health and nutritional counselor. She also teaches piano to young children.