Sarah Severson Hutchison, MD

Undergrad: The University of Arizona
MD: The University of Arizona College of Medicine
Academic / Professional Bio: 

Languages spoken
English, very well
Why did you choose South Campus FM residency?
I wanted a program where I could get education in both inpatient and outpatient medicine. I am from Arizona and wanted to be able to learn about rural medicine in our state. I also have an interest in working with the underserved and Sputh Campus provided all of these opportunities to me.
What do you love most about Tucson?
I love that my friends and family are here. I love our zoo! I love our warm winters and cool summers (100+). We have a small town feel with a city over 1 million. There is always something fun going on around the city. And of course Wildcat Basketball! Beardown!
Tell us about your family (including pets!)
We are an air force family. My husband does search and rescue. I have 1.5 children, 17 chickens, a resident Gila monster and a pound puppy. Ages 3 and nine months.
Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: My favorite color is sparkle, turquoise is a close second
2: I’m a life long Cubs fan (thanks dad)
3: I’m a Tillman Military Scholar