Sabra Luke, MD

Academic / Professional Bio: 

Languages spoken: English, French Creole

Why did you choose South Campus FM residency? This program seemed like the perfect fit for me from the moment I visited the program's website. During my interview, I noticed that the residents and faculty were truly a family and I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted a program that would be flexible enough to support my career goals whilst promoting my academic success and resident wellness. This program was able to combine my passion for women's health, global health and rural/community medicine into an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for.  

What do you love most about Tucson? Everything outdoors! Tucson had many hiking trails and the views from the mountains are amazing. I also like that it has a "small city vibe" without the city hassle or traffic.  

Tell us about your family (including pets!) My immediate family is in Dominica and I have several relatives in different states across the US. When I moved here I decided to get a succulent blend as my pet. I really like turtles so you never know, I may have a pet turtle soon.

Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: I am a sports fanatic. I love playing volleyball and netball, and watching pretty much everything else (NBA basketball, soccer, etc).
2: I cook a lot. I like trying new recipes and foods from other cultures.
3: Music is life! If you see me nodding my head with no headphones on, I'm most probably singing along to the music in my head. My favorites are reggae and soca music from the Caribbean, pop and gospel.