Ricardo Reyes, MD

Academic / Professional Bio: 

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Why did you choose South Campus FM residency? There are many components of the South Campus FM residency program that resonated in me. The faculty and residents are incredible humans dedicated to the well-being of their community and patients. Being close to the US-Mexico border also offers a great opportunity to serve the underserved while advocating for their health and social justice. Last but not least, the program provides broad-spectrum training that prepares you to be an amazing physician in any environment (inpatient, community, rural and global).

What do you love most about Tucson? I love many things about Tucson, among them is the welcoming environment, Cumbia nights at Hotel Congress, the sunsets, cycling in the Loop, and Mexican food.  

Tell us about your family (including pets!) I was born in Durango, Mexico and my family  migrated to the United States. They continue to give me immense  inspiration and support to pursue my goals. I hope to get a French bulldog one day.

Tell us some fun facts about you!
1: First in my family to go to college, medical school, and now a physician.
2: I love music, going to concerts, and playing the guitar/ukulele.
3: I worked at a circus as a summer job when I was a kid, learned how to juggle a lit bit.