Natasha Mitra, MD, MPH

MD: University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio
MPH: University of Texas Health School of Public Health at San Antonio
Academic / Professional Bio: 

Where are you from? I am originally from McAllen, a border town on the southernmost tip of Texas.
Why did you choose UA Family Medicine? I chose UA because I fell in love with the natural beauty Arizona has to offer. Tucson, in particular, has the laid back vibes, outdoors adventures, and cultural diversity that I was looking for in a residency.
What are you most excited about for life in Tucson? I am most excited about having lots of hiking trails right in my backyard. I’m stoked to do as much exploring as possible, involving nature, arts, and cuisine.
What are your interests or hobbies outside of Medicine? Outside of medicine, my absolute favorite thing to do is dance. I hope to join a local studio to take occasional classes and learn new choreography.
I love yoga. Namaste.
I love hiking, and I can’t wait to hit the trails around Tucson.
I love cooking new meals and trying new foods, so I hope to explore farmer’s markets, restaurants, and new recipes while in Tucson.
I love creative writing and hope to continue it during any down time I might have left.
What are your professional interests within Medicine? My professional interests within medicine include working with underserved populations. I am passionate about working with Spanish-speaking patients, in particular. I would love to be involved in global health, whether that means engaging in care of patients abroad or in under-resourced areas nearby. I was an English major in college and absolutely love reading/writing and am intrigued by the role of reflective writing in the field of medicine. Finally, I have a peripheral interest in palliative medicine and end-of-life care, so I hope to gain more experience in all of these fields during my residency experience.
Favorite way to spend a day off? Traveling to somewhere new or trying a new activity.
Top item on your "Bucket list"? There are so many items to choose from, but probably riding in a hot-air balloon.