Maria Ruiz, MD

Academic / Professional Bio: 

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Why did you choose South Campus FM residency? I chose South Campus FM residency because I was impressed with their social justice mission, focus on underserved populations, and their commitment to train full-spectrum family medicine doctors. Also, their unique rural/global health rotation opportunities and their diverse patient population with proximity to the Mexico-US border made this program stand out as a high-quality program that can ultimately help shape us into adaptable physicians regardless of where we practice.

What do you love most about Tucson? I am enjoying the scenic views of the mountains and the amazing food variety!

Tell us about your family (including pets!) My immediate family is in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. I am the oldest of three siblings and the first person in my family to pursue a career in medicine. Back home, my family has lots of pets including dogs, cats, birds, chickens, and yes, we do have horses. I adopted my cat, Rocky, during medical school and now he is enjoying sunny Tucson!

Tell us some fun facts about you!
1. I enjoy running outdoors and currently exploring hiking!
2. Libraries and bookshops are some of my favorite places to visit. I like to read and welcome any recommendations. I am currently enjoying audiobooks on my commute.
3. I love a good coffee.