Yuma Valley Family Medicine Center

Site Coordinator: 
Ricky Ochoa, MD
Student Per Period: 
Hospital Affiliation: 
Yuma Regional Medical Center
Site Specific Info: 

Dr. Ochoa practices full-spectrum Family Medicine.  




Mileage and Housing: 
Housing provided by FCM
Comments from Students: 

"Dr. Ochoa is a great teacher and always made sure I was learning and improving. After working with him I am much more confident presenting patients.  I learned a lot about how to interact with various types of patients and also got much better at coming up with treatment plans."

"Amazing staff and independent learning. Great teaching by the preceptors. Highly recommend!"

"Dr. Ochoa was AWESOME! You get to see each patient before the physician and then present each patient. It was great practice. I was also making my own assessment and plan for each patient and Dr. Ochoa was great about critiquing it. He is an excellent teacher and he buys you food, a lot!"

“Dr. Ochoa does a great job of discussing cases with students and giving real-time feedback on how a student is doing in terms of presentations, diagnosis, and formulating treatment plans.”

"Dr. Ochoa's greatest strength is his ability to teach his medical students. He is really interested in helping us grow in both our knowledge and our presentation of patients. Additionally, he is able to ask us questions that forces us to continue to build on our knowledge and does it in a manner that helps us learn."

Site Address: 
Yuma Valley Family Medicine Center Yuma, AZ 85366 United States