Tuba City Regional Health Care

Site Coordinator: 
Hanna Kang, MD
Student Per Period: 
Daily number of family practice patients: 
Approximately 50 patients per day with 2 providers per half day service
Flex Time Activities: 
  • Dental Clinic
  • Eye Clinic
  • Student Community Project
  • Orthopedics
  • Immunization clinic
  • Podiatrist
Hospital Affiliation: 
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Insurance Spectrum: 

Medicaid; Medicare; BlueCross/Blue Shield

Patient Population Profile: 

Predominately Native Americans, approximately 5-10% non-Native

Residency Info: 
100% with attending
Site Specific Info: 

Beautiful area close to National Parks. Lots of opportunities for hiking and biking.

Misc. Info: 

Housing provided by FCM. 

Comments from Students: 

"I couldn't have asked for a better preceptor; Dr. Kang has a huge knowledge base, explains things very clearly and she's super efficient.  She never talked down to me, and she also knew when I was in over my head.  She also always treated me like a person, not just a random med student (ie she got to know me instead of just seeing me as a transient student, which was great!)."

"Working with Dr. Kang was really great; she was patient, kind and respectful.  Plus, I really appreciated how concerned she was about how I was doing personally as well as how I thought I was doing in the clinic.  She clearly put a lot of thought and planning into my schedule, which allowed me to split my time up between different specialties...it was really fun, and I got to see a lot.  She put together a great rotation!"

"Dr. Kang is crazy intelligent- so nice to be able to ask a question and get a direct answer- not oh I'll have to look that up later. She was also very flexible to letting us see different departments and very good about teaching when it was needed."

"The ability to see patients on my own, write my own notes, and formulate my own plans. The doctors were all very open to having a student and fantastic teachers"

"The hospital stuff was really, really fun. You get to work with 10 different family docs in continuity clinic and a same day appointment clinic and spend some time in peds, ortho and podiatry. Very relaxed setting, all the doctors are very supportive."

"It was great to work in a rural area and to work with wonderful physicians that are committed to the community they work in."