Family Medicine South Campus

Site Coordinator: 
Shirley Blancas, MD
Comments from Students: 

"As an attending, Dr. Blancas was incredibly inclusive - she went out of her way to make sure I was involved directly in patient care, asked what I would do for the patient, and consistently checked in to make sure my family medicine experience was going well. She made me feel that I was never in the way as a student and made this such an amazing learning environment."

"I have never felt more at home in a clinical environment than I did at South Campus. "

"Dr Blancas was an incredible attending!! She was smart, compassionate, passionate, and inclusive. She did an amazing job including us into the team and honoring us (even as med students!). She helped facilitate (BY FAR) the best rotation of my medical school year!   I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and to learn from her. ALSO - her patients ADORE her and she was an exemplary role model for us. I love Dr Blancas! I wish all of the attendings were more like her. She is absolutely incredible."


Site Address: 
3950 S. Country Club, Suite 130 Tucson, AZ United States