Copper Queen Community Hospital

Site Coordinator: 
Peggy Avina, MD
Student Per Period: 
Site Specific Info: 

Copper Queen Community Hospital has three affiliated Rural Health Clinics, under the title of Copper Queen Medical Associates.  These clinics are open to both insured patients and those needing sliding fee scale services.  They are located in Bisbee, Palominas, and Douglas, and provide care for patients of all ages.

Mileage and Housing: 
Housing provided by FCM
Comments from Students: 

" Dr. Avina was just wonderful to work with.  She is very passionate about Family Medicine and she goes above and beyond to ensure that medical students get a well-rounded experience.  I really enjoyed her positive attitude and how she goes out of her way to make students fell at home in her clinic."

"Dr. Avina doesn't have weaknesses. She is the most well-rounded and competent provider I have worked with since being a third year medical student. She works in the clinic, in the ED, and on the inpatient service... She is fantastic, competent, and unstoppable."

“Dr. Avina's commitment to her patients is by far her greatest strength. She allowed me to participate a great deal in the care of her patients. She is a great teacher as well as mentor for medical students. My experience in Bisbee has been one of the best of medical school!”

"I really appreciated how open Dr. Avina was in her teaching style. She was so respectful and created an environment conducive to learning. It was constantly a positive experience and I will miss not being there anymore. Being able to see patients individually and chart with supervision was an excellent way for us to feel productive as well and get a good sense of a day in the life of a family physician. I also really loved that we got additional experiences in hospital inpatient care, home visits, PT and surgery. It was really amazing to see all aspects of medicine in a rural environment. Dr. Avina went above and beyond to arrange our schedules so that we got a chance to see that."

"Dr. Avina was wonderful. She is an amazing mentor and cares so much about her patients. Her patients have so much respect for her and the site was amazing. I had the opportunity to work with a variety of different providers and see all aspects of rural medicine."

"Lots of hands on experience and I got to combine everything I learned during internal medicine and peds in this rotation. I also had a great deal of responsibility and was able to make clinical decisions and write the notes which was great."

Site Address: 
Copper Queen Community Hospital 101 Cole Avenue Bisbee, AZ 85603 United States