Carondelet Medical Group – St. Mary's

Site Coordinator: 
Rosalia Kame, MD
Student Per Period: 
Daily number of family practice patients: 
16-24 per MD
Insurance Spectrum: 

90% HMO; now diversifying

Patient Population Profile: 

Urban-private practice and HMO; 1/3 of patients prefer to speak Spanish

Residency Info: 
No. 100% with attendings
Site Specific Info: 

Serves Family Practice needs of southern Tucson area.

Mileage and Housing: 
Mileage compensation not provided by FCM.
Misc. Info: 

Spanish-speaking preferred.

Comments from Students: 

“Dr. Kame is a wonderful physician to work with, she has very close relationships with her patients and she demonstrates how important the doctor-patient relationship is, especially when managing chronic disease.”

“The best aspects of this site were Dr. Kame and the office staff. Great opportunity to participate at a level at which you feel comfortable. A very warm emvironment.”

Comments from Faculty: 

“The interesting aspect of this site is that is is, obstetrics excluded, a full family practice. I see up to four generations of the same family and students can fully appreciate the impact of family dynamics on overall health states. This is a great, low-pressure, enjoyable, learning environment.”

Site Address: 
Carondelet Medical Group – St. Mary's 395 N. Silverbell Road Suite 344 Tucson, AZ 85745 United States