Certification Programs

Financial Empowerment

This course teaches the basics of personal finance, with an emphasis on strategies that can be used by people with limited incomes. Participants improve their financial skills; develop person-centered goals; increase confidence around financial self-management; and objectively assess their financial situation while implementing strategies to improve it. Adapted from Money Basics by PeerLink.



Hope and Healing in the Opioid Use Crisis

Opioid use is at an epidemic level, and who better than to answer the call of hope and support than peer and family support professionals. This course provides an in-depth knowledge of how to support people who are living with opioid use dependency or disorder. Curriculum developed by Peer and Family Career Academy.



Effective Advocacy - Becoming the Champion of Change

If we learned anything from our history books, it’s these two things: we need vigilant advocacy to keep our society true to its citizens and that well-planned advocacy works to change the hearts and minds of society. Peer and family support professionals have a specialized tool for advocacy: Our Story. Our story has the power to change laws, policies, and systems. Our story has the power to help us get our personal needs met. Our story has the power to demonstrate all the possibilities others can achieve through self-advocacy. In this course, you will explore all the different forms of advocacy and develop a deep sense of how to respond when things aren’t as they should be. Curriculum provided by Peer and Family Career Academy.



Forensic Peer & Family Support: Breaking Down the Barriers

People who have experienced justice involvement and incarceration face unique hardships and challenges in society. Research shows that the level of support services directly correlates to individuals’ success in community re-entry and integration. Curriculum developed by Peer and Family Career Academy



Self-Care: Beyond the Bubble Bath

This immersive course takes a deep dive into the prevention of personal and professional stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary traumatic stress. We will identify the shortcomings of incomplete self-care models and gain the knowledge and skills to build resiliency in our personal and professional lives. Curriculum provided by Peer and Family Career Academy.