See the rotation sites, sample of monthly and yearly schedule in other sections.

  • The fellows primarily rotate between the University of Arizona Campus Health Service clinic, the Arizona Institute for Sports Medicine and McKale Center Campus Health Service satellite clinic for Intercollegiate Athletes.

    The family medicine fellows spends one half day a week in the primary care clinic for athletes on the University of Arizona campus. The provide primary care in a continuity setting for intercollegiate athletes.
  • The emergency medicine fellow will spend on average close to one 9 or 10-hour shift in the emergency department at either the University of Arizona Health Network University or South Campus.
  • The fellows do not take formal in-patient call.  They do share responsibility to be first called for problems with the Division 1 athletes during season.
  • Our fellows learn the following commonly performed procedures: Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Trigger point injections, aspirations and injections, fracture management and diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Electives. The fellows will spend 2-3 two-week rotations devoted to orthopedic sports medicine and two weeks with upper extremity orthopedic surgeons.  They will also spend 2-4 weeks with devoted time to working with our musculoskeletal radiologists.  Time is spent with our physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician specializing in spine management. Time is also spent with our team cardiologist gaining experience with interpreting EST and Echocardiography, exercise prescription.  We have a formal 2 week away rotation with Phoenix Children's Hospital for pediatric sports medicine.  Other electives are available if approved with the administration.
  • The fellows work with our nutritionist and disordered eating team.  They work with our physical therapists and athletic trainers.
  • We work with our UA Dance program to gain experience with the elite dancer. 
  • The fellows, in the past, have travelled with the football team.  We have also covered the Tucson marathon, Phoenix PF Chang Rock ‘N Roll Marathon (including the elite tent), Tucson Rodeo, MLS presearson, FC Tucson professional soccer, Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL), U of A elite dance program, high level club sports such as ice hockey, lacrosse and rugby.  Electively our fellows can help cover MLB Spring training with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Extensive experience with pre-participation physicals is achieved during fellowship for all levels: professional, intercollegiate, recreational, high school.
  • We cover all intercollegiate and club sports programs. (see rotation sites and team/event coverage)  
  • During the year, our fellows have dedicated time—one half day per week--for developing a research project. 
  • We have diagnostic ultrasound in clinical practice, dedicated CME and didactics.
  • Didactics.  See section for more detail.  In addition to the formal didactic series, we review Radiographs form our most interesting case.  We also have periodic casting and splinting workshops.
  • The Fellow is actively involved in teaching with our sports medicine education for residents from family medicine, emergency medicine and pediatrics.  The fellows have been involved in giving hands on lectures to students in the medical school and nurse practitioners program.