Faculty Seed Grant Program

Overview & Application Guidance

The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) Faculty Seed Grants Program (FSG) provides awards totaling $50,000 (maximum of $20,000 per application) twice per year, which are made on a competitive basis for projects involving research or other creative scholarly activity. The DFCM FSG is intended to provide short-term, one-time support that will "jump start" worthwhile projects and result in data or work products that will be used to develop proposals for submission to extramural funding agencies or private contributors.

Timing: Proposals are accepted twice a year. The deadlines are March 1 and October 1. The current deadline is March 1, 2017, 5:00 PM.

Eligibility: Only individuals in the DFCM holding faculty rank OR have an appointment in the research scientist series of titles OR who have a continuing or continuing-eligible status are eligible to apply. Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students are not eligible to apply. Faculty with current start-up packages that support research activities are not eligible to apply.

Allowable Budget Items: The DFCM FSG awards provide funds to support research staff, consultant fees, honoraria, participant stipends, general operations, food for a project-specific event, supplies pertaining specifically to the project, travel (if an integral part of the project objectives), marketing/printing expenses, specialized equipment pertaining specifically to the project.

Unallowable Budget Items: Faculty salary (academic or summer); clinical buy-out; postdoc salaries; graduate assistantships; presentations and/or travel to conferences; general purpose equipment such as computers and printers.

Questions: For questions regarding the DFCM FSG, contact Judith Gordon: judithg@email.arizona.edu

Materials Required: (click here to download application checklist)

Review/Selection Process: Proposals will be reviewed by UA faculty peer-review panels. Every attempt will be made to include faculty with general area expertise appropriate to the proposals being reviewed, but applicants should be aware that reviewers may not have detailed subject matter expertise. Final decisions will be made by the DFCM.

Review/Selection Criteria:

  • Peer review rankings and comments.
  • Potential impact of the activity and soundness of the work description/methods.
  • Fit with strategic priorities of the DFCM.
  • Identification of a specific and appropriate extramural funding target (agency/sponsor and specific program) and specific deadline for application.
  • Fit with identified funding target.
  • Likelihood of obtaining continuing external support for the activity.
  • Partnership with other DFCM faculty
  • Priority will be given to new investigators
  • Other available funding to support the proposed research.