Ann Marie attended ArtWorks since 2010 and she was part of the ArtWorks Mary T. Paulin Gallery Program. Creativity ran in her blood; her family is full of artists including her sister who owns a gallery and instructs art classes. Her preferred mediums were makers and watercolors. The many flowers she saw everyday were her favorite source of inspiration. Her work is mostly abstract; therefore, it typically focuses on shapes and color that mimic the vividness and lively natural shapes in nature. She was a process oriented artist; working with multiple layers, a variety of colors simultaneously and repetition, her work is best described as vibrant and colorful. Besides visual art, Ann was an enthusiastic dancer and you could have found her getting her groove on at ArtWork’s talent shows and parties. Ann passed away February 2018 but we think about her colorful clothes and spirit everyday; she will always be part of the ArtWorks family. We love you Ann Marie!