The Ortiz Endowment

The Ortiz Endowment was established by Dr. Andy Nichols, to serve as a permanent sponsorship fund for the Mobile Health Program at the University of Arizona. At the time, the Mobile Health Program was part of the Rural Health Office. In 2001 the Rural Health Office and the Mobile Health Program moved to the College of Public Health. It has since been moved to the College of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine. 

The Ortiz Endowment consists of two levels of Intention:
The first, is that funds from the endowment be used to support the Mobile Health Program as necessary – this may include operational costs, personnel costs, maintenance costs, etc. The Program must continue its philosophy to increase access to health care and health education for the underserved, including geographic, financial, cultural areas.
Level two provides the use of endowment funds for scholarships for students who will work to enhance the Mobile Health Program and who plan to continue working in underserved areas of Arizona. At a maximum, 50 percent of funds accrued annually from the endowment should be used to support these health career students. Scholarships may be for tuition, internships, or other student related expenses consistent with the endowment’s intent. The scholars will be chosen by a sub-committee of the Ortiz Endowment Committee.
The Ortiz Endowment Committee includes at a minimum, a member of the College of Public Health and/or College of Medicine (DFCM), and one member of the Ortiz family. Others members may be appointed to the committee as deemed necessary.