Elizabeth Bierer, MD

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Elizabeth Bierer, MD
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Dr. Elizabeth Bierer received her medical degree from the University of Arizona.

Comments from Students: 

"Dr. Bierer has opened my eyes to the possibilities of family medicine as a possible future. She is the type of physician and person I aspire to be like. Her intelligence and desire to help the community is awe-inspiring. She is an excellent role model for aspiring physicians. She is a woman who is an on-going learner and educator to provide the best care for her patients." 

"Dr. Bierer's greatest strength is her passion for her job. She deeply cares for her patients and the outcomes of their health. She takes the time to listen and be highly educated in the best avenues to provide the best care for her patients. She provides a bridge between her Medical Degree and medical education to present options of choices of treatments to allow the patients to make the best decision for themselves. She never pressures any patient to make medical decisions, but through providing options allows them to take their own health into their own hands."

"It was really great working with Dr. Bierer!"

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