Obstetrics Track


  • 1 high volume Rural OB rotation and I domestic OB rotation in intern year
  • 1 high volume Rural OB rotation in second year (at a different site than first year)
  • 1 high volume rural or global OB month in third year
  • 2 additional months of continuity OB call in third year
  • Additional involvement in women’s health, and other prenatal longitudinal experiences throughout residency as allowed within ACGME guidelines (including high risk OB clinic, Mobile Health prenatal program, Women’s Health Clinic, lactation, etc).
  • Assigned to a mentor who practices OB
  • Option to rotate with an abortion provider during elective and surgery rotations
  • Will be in charge of helping create a more robust OB curriculum in the residency, and will do teaching topics (during teaching day) on MCH topics with the help of their OB mentor
  • The program will send the two OB track residents to the maternity health and ALSO instructor course when it is offered (either during intern or second year), and the residents will be required to help teach in the ALSO provider course for our residents when they are seniors.
  • Scholarly Project will focus on MCH issues

The Obstetrics Track will have two residents per year. Interns apply prior to their start date.