Rural Electives & Special Sites

Rural Outpatient Pediatrics: Douglas pediatrics**
Douglas, Arizona
Distance from Tucson: 120 miles (2 hours) from Tucson
Rotation: Outpatient Pediatrics
Housing: Provided in an onsite trailer that can be shared with medical students and other residents.

Special Features:

  • Pediatrics Clinic
  • High Volume
  • A lot of Bread and Butter peds
  • Work at multiple sites to serve underserved peds population
  • Mobile Health at the local high school
  • Group visits that focus on development o children

Rural Geriatrics Experience: Frontier Medicine Ajo**
Ajo, Arizona
Type of Site: Frontier Medicine
Rotation: During Geriatrics Block
Distance from Tucson: 132 miles (1 hour and 15min) from Tucson
Housing: Provided in the fire station house

Special Features:

  • Large geriatric population
  • Home visits
  • Comprehensive medical center with physical therapy, and dentistry
  • Ambulance ride alongs

Rural Rheumatology: Sells and San Xavier**
Sells and San Xavier, Arizona
Type of Site: Indian Health Serives (Tohono O’odham Tribe)
Rotation: During musculoskeletal block
Distance from Tucson: 60 miles (1 hour) from Tucson
Housing: It is a day trip once per week  

Special Features:

  • This population has a higher than average rate of rheumatologic disease
  • Work with the rheumatologists
  • Visit both sites on the reservation

**Any above site can also be a rural elective


Other Electives:


Rural FM: Juneau, AK SEARHC
Juneau, Alaska
Type of Site: Alaska Native Center
Housing: Provided by SEARHC

Special Features:

  • Outpatient, inpatient (peds and option for adults), OB
  • Medical home model for clinic with case managers in each pod
  • Complex Medical needs
  • High Volumes pediatrics
  • Many outpatient procedures

Rural FM: Valdez, AK
Valdez, Alaska
Type of Site: Frontier Medicine
Housing: Home stay with one of the physicians

Special Features:

  • Full spectrum family medicine (including outpatient, inpatient, ED, OB)
  • OB includes surgical OB
  • Many pediatric patients
  • Remote Site
  • Complex Medical needs
  • Procedure heavy including colonoscopies

Rural FM: BC, Canada
Rural British Columbia, Canada  
Home stay

Special Features:

  • Broad Spectrum Family Medicine (including inpatient, outpatient, ED, urgent care)
  • Run by two graduates of our program
  • POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound)
  • A lot of fracture management
  • Xray reading