Salary & Benefits


Salary Schedule for Banner Residents beginning July 1, 2021
PGY-1:  $59,411
PGY-2:  $61,935
PGY-3:  $65,166

Same pay structure for all residency programs.



Sick Leave – 5 days
Vacation – 4 weeks


We follow the ABFM Absence From Residency Family Leave policy which states:
ABFM will allow up to (12) weeks away from the program in a given academic year without requiring an extension of training, as long as the Program Director and CCC agree that the resident is ready for advancement, and ultimately for autonomous practice. This includes up to (8) weeks total attributable to Family Leave, with any remaining time up to (4) weeks for Other Leave as allowed by the program.
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Benefits are provided through Banner Health

DISABILITY INSURANCE Benefits are provided through Banner Health
MALPRACTICE INSURANCE Benefits are provided through Banner Health

Benefits are provided through Banner Health

NATIONAL CONFERENCE STIPEND The program supports resident attendance at national conferences as funds are available.
MEALS Meal allowance provided
BOOKSTORE & UNIVERSITY EVENTS Reduced rates available
AAFP/AzAFP MEMBERSHIP Membership paid for all three years while in residency
BOOK FUND/CONFERENCE FUND Annual benefit – varies per year $200-$400

Moonlighting opportunities for additional clinical experience and added income are available during third year. State licensure is required. Participation depends on satisfactory performance in the residency, requires specific approval of the Residency Program Director, and must count towards duty hours per ACGME guidelines. (Request a copy of the policy if interested.)

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