Resident Research

The Resident Scholarly Project Program in the Department of Family and Community Medicine

All residents in the Department of Family and Community Medicine are expected to engage in formal research activities during their residency. The goal of the Resident Scholarly Project Program is for Family Medicine residents to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to participate in the testing and development of knowledge in primary care.  The scholarly project should include a process of critical inquiry involving reviewing literature, developing a research question, collecting data/information, critical processing/analyzing, and communicating the results of this inquiry to others.  Starting in their second year, residents collaborate with FCM clinical and research faculty on clinically-relevant research projects. By the end of their third year, all residents must submit an abstract for presentation at a national professional society conference, give an oral presentation during teaching day, and present a judged poster at the annual FCM faculty meeting.


Sleep In-Equality. Authors: Bailey, Parthasarathy, Ojo, Garcia

Just Another Reason to Dislike LAX... Author: Singer

Transition to Medical School: Assets and gaps in resources identified by PreMedical Admissions Pathway students. Authors: Selpid

Point of Care Ultrasound: Development of a Resident-led Family Medicine Curriculum. Authors: Carrasco, Raub, Moran

Improving Communication with Limited English Speaking Patients in a Resident Clinic. Authors: Bitow, Armin, Moran

Implementation of Food Insecurity Screening for Pediatric Patients in a Family Medicine Clinic. Authors: Akazawa, Martineau, Ric

Gaps in Quality Measures Among COPD Patients at the Alvernon Family Medicine Residency Clinic. Authors: Selpides, Ricker


Why Do Low Income Patients Use Tobacco? A Mixed-Methods Study. Authors: Bradley, Yang, Desai, Gordon

Recruitment Strategies Used in a YMCA-Based Intervention to Prevent Type II Diabetes in At-Risk Youth. Authors: Soliz, Olkiewicz

Post-Partum Contraception Methods in Alvernon FMC OB Patients. Authors: Quigley, Richardson, Moran

Marijuana and its Cardiovascular Effects: A Systematic Review. Authors: Reynolds, Clements

Improving the Cultural Competency of Medical Students in Working with LGBT Patients through an Enrichment Elective. Author: Nguy


Advance Directives Residency Curriculum. Authors: Wofford, Becerra, J. Gordon, and Anne Ryan

Back to Basics: Does Focusing on the Fundatmentals of Energy Medicine Increase Receptivity? Authors: Artrip and Sandal

Dermascopy to Improve Family Medicine Residents' Diagnostic Accuracy of Skin Lesions. Authors: Riebe, Olkiewicz, Soliz, and P. G

End of Life Discussion with Persons with Disabilities Authors: Pham, Le, and Tomasa

Improving Resident Confidence and Competency for Well Child Visits from Infancy to Two Years of Age. Author: Riebe


Does Readiness to Exercise Predict Weight Loss Success in a Lifestyle Modification Program? Authors: Crowe and Sozanski

Designing a Global Health Curriculum in a Family Medicine Residency. Authors: Moran and Johnston

Prevention and Wellness: An Online Elective for Medical Students. Authors: Horzempa and Salomon

Using a Patient Focused Approach to Aid in Smoking Cessation. Author: Yaqub

Thrush in the Breastfeeding Dyad. Author: Khalife

Use of Weight Positive Medications in Obese or Overweight Patients with Chronic Conditions. Authors: Olivas, Bera, Muramoto


Expanding the Toolbox of Obesity Prevention Measures. Author: Byron

Text Messaging Based Smoking Cessation - Resident Physician's Knowledge and Beliefs. Author: Firth

Healing Burnout in Residency. Authors: Grund, DeLiere, Lebensohn

Evaluating Barriers to Healthcare Among Patients with Visual and Hearing Impairments. Authors: Pham Haase and Ritter

Evaluation of Literacy Among Refugee Patients and Subsequent Effect of Providing Books. Authors: Lokale and Lebensohn


Is Showing Up Really 50% of the Job? Targeting Success for Weight Loss. Author: Dake

Acupuncture and Smoking Cessation Studies. Author: Kauffman

Impact of Biweekly Group Education on Dietary Habits of Populations at Risk for Diabetes II. Authors: Leano, Sonneborn, Kutob

Evaluation of the Patient with a Suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in an Outpatient Setting. Authors: Trieu and Hicks

Making Group Visits Financially Feasible for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics. Author: Uselman

Reasons for Smoking in a Low-Income Population: A Qualitative Study. Authors: Yang, Desai, J. Gordon

Resident Attitudes & Practices in the Care of Adult Sexual Assault Patients in Tucson, AZ. Author: Guffey

Lipid Lowering Therapy in Diabetics. Authors: Ramakrishnan and Cagno