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Quit & Win! Tobacco Free Living Program

 Quit and Win

The Quit & Win! Tobacco Free Living Program is a personalized, medically-supervised program to help smokers and other tobacco users quit tobacco for good.  We are committed to giving tobacco users the help and support they need for a tobacco-free life.

Quit & Win features:

  • Personalized treatment options
  • Health evaluation including medical history and physical exam, laboratory blood work, lung spirometry testing, and carbon monoxide testing
  • Individual coaching to over come the challenges to quitting tobacco for good
  • Tips on practical strategies and skills to successfully live tobacco-free
  • Medications for sophisticated, intensive treatment of nicotine withdrawal symptoms
  • Relapse prevention program

Quit & Win is available at no cost to all Banner Health Network employees and their dependents.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us at (520) 694-1711

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Quit & Win program or would like to sign up, please contact us:
(520) 694-1711


  • "I think that the Quit and Win program is one of the most valuable benefits that UPH offers to their employees, and it is FREE!" 
  • "Every smoker owes it to themselves to give Quit and Win a try, they have nothing to lose except a costly, smelly, noxious addiction!"
  • "I would recommend anyone smoking whether you are thinking about quiting yet or not - to contact Quit and Win to see what the program is about."
  • "Quit and Win gave me the motivation to do what I could not do on my own."
  • "I had ongoing support for doing it ONE LAST TIME!"

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