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Misc. Info: 

Dr. Lokale went to Oxford University, England on a Rhodes scholarship.  He attended the University of Virgina School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Arizona.

Comments from Students: 

“Dr. Lokale is an incredible teacher, but he is also such an enthusiastic, compassionate human being. His story of how he got to where he is now is humbling and inspiring, and I think it made his impact that much greater with patients. I've never seen patients rave about their doctor like I did at this office. I never thought I saw myself in family med until this clerkship. He made me realize how much more the relationship between physician and patients can be in family med. He got patients to laugh, open up, cry with relief. His teaching is interactive, helpful, applicable, and always valuable. What I learned from his teaching during this clerkship was 1000 times more than others. No other preceptors have taken the time between patients to teach me, talk to me about medicine, etc.”

“He is an excellent teacher. He gave me mini lectures on small topics when we had breaks between patients. He used patients to illustrate pertinent use of guidelines or other teaching points. He is a superior model of a caring physician. He was always open to answering questions. He gave me regular feedback and progressively gave me more responsibility in seeing patients. I had a wonderful learning experience, and I felt like we saw a great variety of patient problems during the clerkship.”

Comments from Faculty: 

Dr. Lokale says he chose to be a family doctor, "Because you get to see people from youth throughout their lives. You build lifelong relationships. You are the keeper of peoples’ stories." His philosophy of care is compassionate treating each patient as an individual.

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