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Gila Valley Clinic

Site images: 
Site Photos: 
Gila Valley Clinic building exterior
Site Coordinator: 
Susan Jones, MD
Site Location Information
Student Per Period: 
Daily number of family practice patients: 
150. (3 MDs/ 3 Pas/ 1 nurse.)
Flex Time Activities: 

  • Family planning/women’s health clinic at Graham County Health Dept.

  • Observation privileges with all hospital departments, e.g. surgeries, emergency room + specialty doctor clinics

  • Surgical & obstetrical procedures—assist with surgeries

Hospital Affiliation: 
Mount Graham Regional Medical Ctr; Sunset Hills of Safford (Nursing Home)
Insurance Spectrum: 

  • 35% AHCCCS

  • 25% Medicare

  • 40% private

Patient Population Profile: 

  • 45% Anglo

  • 40% Hispanic

  • 10% Native American

  • 5% African American/Asian

Residency Info: 
No. 100% with attending.
Specific Site Info: 

  • Three meals per workday at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center cafeteria

  • Clinic across street from hospital (approx. 40 beds)

  • Computerized medical records

Mileage and Housing: 
Housing provided by FCM Clerkship
Misc. Info: 

  • Daily rounds at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center

  • Broad range of primary care

  • 25 deliveries per month

  • Site location website:

Comments from Students: 

"I would recommend this rotation to anyone willing to work hard, who loves to see patients and DO. The attendings are incredible teachers and are very experienced with having students. They teach by allowing you to do as much as you are comfortable with - it is a very encouraging, motivating, challenging environment. I would not trade my experience in Safford for anything. The four primary family medicine attendings there are fantastic teachers, each with their own styles, which I appreciated as you are able to see different ways something can be done and figure out which way works best for you."

"Dr. Jones keeps students involved in all aspects of patient care. She has the best interactions with patients I have seen so far in medicine. Terrific attending."

"Broad range of experiences." "It was the best overall rotation I've had so far. I learned a lot, was exposed to everything that my attending did."

"Wonderful docs, wonderful patients, enjoyed being involved in surgeries, and getting to know families. Broad spectrum of disease states. I enjoyed working in the hospital, too."


Gila Valley Clinic
1680 S 20th Ave
Safford, AZ 85546
United States

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