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The Awesome Spot© Revolution

Welcome to the Awesome Spot©!

The “Awesome Spot© Revolution” was created by two Camp Wellness employees in 2015 by using the power of mindfulness and self-affirmations to enhance personal well-being and to promote community well-being by asking participants to “share the awesomeness”. People who interact with Awesome Spots© smile more, encourage others to be awesome and enjoy an overall improvement in their own self-esteem. It is our dream for the Awesome Spot© Revolution to spread its message across Arizona and perhaps, eventually, the world.

Here's some of our awesome outcomes:

  • Minnie felt uncomfortable with police officers due to several negative interactions in her past. She made the courageous decision to begin overcoming her fears by using an “Awesome Card” to approach a police officer on her own and creating a positive interaction by handing him an “Awesome Card”. Not only did it help Minnie’s confidence, the officer was pleasantly surprised, he smiled and thanked her.
  • Joseph, an outreach coordinator from a neighboring agency, encountered the Awesome Spot© while visiting Camp Wellness. He left standing taller, smiling and taking a copy home for his young son who was facing his own challenges. Joseph said, “This is exactly what we need to put on the refrigerator so we can do this every morning as a family, thank you so much!”
  • A former student became the “Ambassador of Awesome” while attending Camp. He would put on a big smile and tell people, “Has anybody told you how awesome you are today?” He came to the program to work on his social skills, and the Awesome Spot gave him an easy, positive way to interact with strangers. Nearly every time, the person he engaged would smile and say “Thank you” – he continued to do this even upon returning to his hometown.

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