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The Mobile Health Clinic

Mobile Health Clinic

The Mobile Health Clinic is a doctor's office and clinic on wheels. A specially outfitted truck provides examination rooms, laboratory services, and special medical tests to those in remote areas who have access to little or no medical facilities, and to patients who do not have the resources to travel to obtain care.

The MPH Clinic is a fully equipped mobile medical unit with:

  • An EKG machine to examine patients' heart rhythms
  • Lab equipment for testing HbA1c
  • Equipment to look at lipid profiles, or cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Ablity to test a patient's blood glucose levels, to test for or monitor diabetes
  • Ability to test for pregnancy
  • Tests for Hgb and HCGs
  • Strep screens to look for evidence of strep throat, which can turn into a dangerous infection of the heart
  • Urine analysis dipsticks to test for kidney function and infection

Patients seen are usually those with chronic diseses such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Other services provided to the public include school physicals, women's health care, including group prenatal care, telemedicine, and various urgent care problems. 

Telemedicine Services
Services provided remotely in the Mobile Clinic through telemedicine equipment includes:

  • Tele-nutrition, or evaluating a patient's diet and caloric intake
  • Retinal screening for diabetic patients who are uninsured. These screenings ae given at monthly clinics in three locations:
        1. Marana
        2. Douglas, and
        3. Tucson
    Retinal screenings can detect damage to the retina from the effects of insulin used to treat diabetes. Left untreated, retinal damage due to diabetes can cause blindness.

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