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Seminar Topics

  • Tips for Effective Clinical Teaching (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Giving Feedback (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Writing Letters of Recommendations (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Clinical Teaching in 5 easy steps (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Office Based Teaching (with mini-lecture)(Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Principles of Lecture Hall Teaching (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Preparing Your CV; Teaching Portfolio; How to Document what you Teach; Faculty Appt Issues (Dr. Nancy Koff)
  • Time Management (Dr. Tejal Parikh)
  • Cultural Competency (Dr. Carol Galper)
  • Recruitment and Retention for Rural Health Professionals (Linda Don)
  • Writing Letters of Recommendation (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Medical Informatics (David House)
  • Medical Informatics Searching (Dr. Bruce Helming)
  • Keeping Current with CME (Dr. Barry Weiss)
  • Critiquing Journal Article (Dr. Tamsen Bassford)
  • Arizona Telemedicine Program (Dr. Ana Maria Lopez)
  • Dealing with Problem Learners (Drs. Parikh & Murrain)
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness (Drs. Trager & Campos-Outcalt)
  • Interprofessional Education (Drs. Theodorou, Murphy & Boyce)
  • Putting it all together and Strategies to Increase Efficiency when Teaching (Drs. Gordon & Parikh)
  • Objective Structured Teaching Evaluation (OSTE)(Drs. Gordon & Parikh)

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