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Program Overview

The teleconferenced Faculty Development Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for rural preceptors of the students of the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy to participate in a teaching skills program. We have developed a distance-learning program using the Arizona Telemedicine Network to provide faculty development training to these rural family physician teachers.

Our overall objective is to provide community responsive faculty development through distance learning to rural preceptors for our students in the three Colleges.  Additionally, we aim to provide community responsive faculty development through distance learning to primary care rural preceptors in the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy and Medicine and to enhance and further develop the interprofessional activities of these preceptors.

At the end of the seminar series, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of effective teaching in different teaching settings
  • Given a principle of adult learning, describe how that principle can be applied to clinical teaching settings
  • Describe a strategy for assessing learners’ clinical skills.
  • Given a learner in a clinical situation, assess that person’s clinical knowledge/skills using the strategy
  • Describe the components of a systematic approach to clinical teaching
  • Describe strategies to improve teaching in the lecture and office settings.
  • Given a case involving a difficult learner, specify a plan to address the individual’s problem
  • Be able to discuss the importance of conducting practice-based research.
  • Describe strategies for using practice-based research to improve practice.
  • Be able to discuss problems frequently encountered while conducting practice-based research
  • Describe how computers are used in medical education
  • Given the name of a specific software application, describe how that software can be used in medical education.


Primary care clinicians (physicians, nurse practitioners or pharmacists) who are involved or want to be involved with the instruction of medical, nurse practitioner or pharmacy students.


  • Attend and participate in monthly seminars
  • Apply seminar content to the teaching of students


The fellowship is presented as ten three-hour monthly sessions. Since this distance learning experience will be close to their rural offices, we anticipate our rural preceptors will be able to participate in the monthly seminar series in the morning and see their patients in the afternoon.  Transportation to the seminar will no longer be a costly investment.

The teaching will be delivered from the Tucson Telemedicine center.

AZ Telemedicine Network


Sessions are generally scheduled for the second Wednesday each month from August through May. They will begin at 8:30 am and end at 11:30 pm.


Please contact Paul Gordon at pgordan [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu

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