AZ Family Medicine & Sports Medicine

Site Coordinator: 
Alex Onofriei, MD
Student Per Period: 
Site Specific Info: 

no housing provided.

Comments from Students: 

Very knowledgeable and not only motivated, but highly skilled in delivering the information in a progressive manner throughout the clerkship that is based around the skills and learning ability/style of each student. I witnessed early on a student that was applying to PT school and could easily see the difference in which our teaching was delivered. I appreciate someone who can identify which information will be tested on during a clinical visit and is not afraid to stop and make it known to the student that what we are seeing at this very moment is relevant both clinically and academically. Additionally, he takes time to interact and educate patients about their illnesses or diseases in a way that they can understand and motivates them to want to get better. I never once saw a patient leave this office upset, disappointed, or frustrated. He has high energy which is contagious to both the providers, and his patients which directly provides them hope of getting better.

 Dr. Onofrei truly knows how to take a medical student and turn him/her into a student physician. I will never forget my experience here and the things I learned!  THANK YOU!